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Qingjiangpu Scenic of Huai'an Li Canal Cultural Corridor

        Qingjiangpu Scenic of Huai'an Li Canal Cultural Corridor is located in Dazhakou Historical and Cultural Area of downtown Huai'an, containing Zhongzhou Island, the channel from the east of Qingjiang Sluice to Yuexiu Bridge and part of the area alongside. It covers an area of 124,400 square meters. This is a comprehensive scenic region with great cultural characteristics of the canal, strong cultural spirit of Huai'an and rich features of ecological gardens. Many tourist spots are distributed here. Qingjiangpu Memory Pavilion, Huai'an Museum of Opera and Theatre, Huai'an Celebrity Hall, the Ancient Pavilion of Qingjiangpu, Chen and Pan's Memorial Temple, Memorial Temple for Lord Wu, Doulao Palace, Former Residence of Cheng Xinnong, Former Residence of the Three Brothers (Fan Weizeng, Fan Shaozeng and Fan Xizeng) and Qingjiang Sluice are all the main historical and cultural sightseeing spots of the region. It is a tourist resort for leisure and culture experience of canal in Huai'an.

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